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Why Equity?

Why are so many people choosing Equity? In a nutshell, it's because we take care of our team.

Equity is one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in the United States. Our brokerage has been shaped around the needs of our agents and continues to grow and develop around their brilliant requests, not solely around the bottom line of the Brokerage. We've risen to the top by keeping our promises and exceeding the expectations of our Agents!

The Best Agents

We're here for you from day one. Count on it.

We can't say enough good things about our Real Estate Agents. The unity, feeling of accomplishment, and joy of seeing all of the good that comes from Equity's team is unbelievable.

Too often we hear about Realtors experiencing problems with their brokerage, or feeling like their brokerage is a series of roadblocks hindering the completion of the transaction.

Equity desires success and profitability for all, and our business model is designed to provide just that. So, instead of the managing broker being a challenge that the Realtor has to overcome, we are a teammate, a friend, and an asset to your success.

Equity's Successes

You, too, can experience the strength of a business shaped for success.

E Equity has a unique source of strength due to remarkable ideas from our exceptional Agents and Brokers. We've allowed our Agents to collectively shape the brokerage around their needs, which has created a living organization; one that continues to grow and develop around the brilliant requests of our real estate agents, and not solely around the bottom line of the brokerage.

We believe that our unique Agents and Brokers are Equity's greatest Strength.

  • National Association Of Realtors® - Board of Directors
  • Awarded Listing Broker Contract for Fannie, Freddie, and HUD


You should to be able to focus on your client's needs, not on the day-to-day of managing everything that keeps your business in order. We understand that and make it possible.

Profit Share

The unique and uncontested way to put more money in your pocket.

Direct Deposit Pay

As an Equity Agent, you get paid quickly!

The Equity Gratitude Program

Really feel thanked for the work you do. We appreciate you, and want you to know it.

Beyond Full-Service

Equity doesn't charge you any franchise fees. You have an awesome suite of tools at your disposal. We want you to be successful first and foremost!

Free Ongoing Training

Add to your already stunning repertoire with these helpful, award-winning, free trainings.

A True Team

A good team can accomplish anything, and that's what we're continuing to build: a great team!

Nationwide Presence

And expanding very quickly, so get on board now

Enterprise-Grade Support

You deserve the best we can give, and the best is just the tip of the iceberg

Enterprise-Level Resources

We don't skimp on anything from trainings to marketing materials

Innovative Technology

We listen to you and build for you which makes our offering unique and helpful

Professional Signage

You'll be noticed with our industry-unique signage that reflects your business well

Professional Business Cards

These get the job done correctly following tried and true principles

Access to Professional, Enterprise-Level Tools

Unbelievable Marketing tools at your fingertips!

Free ProAgent Website

Professionally-designed, lead-oriented, MLS-integration, and a whole lot more

Free Mobile Integration

Leads, leads, leads... oh, and more leads. Did we mention leads?

Free dotloop Premium

Easy digital document signing and storage. No more papercuts!

Direct Deposit

Straight to the bank, no runner or handler, it is all about putting your money in your hands

We Lead

We were the first to operate like we do, & we will always be innovating and staying ahead of the game

Your Future

Build residual income, rest assured that we've got your back, and sleep easier

Our Name

We live up to it, plain and simple... always and forever. We don't know any other way to be

Lead Capturing Systems

We've teamed up with to provide you with systems that tie into your signs and other lead generation methods so that you never miss an opportunity.

Simply Better, Uniquely Different

Our goal is to make doing business in the real estate industry easier, simpler, and more streamlined. You should be focusing on your business and with our support, you should be more profitable, more capable, and better outfitted. That's what we strive to provide day in and day out.

Charitable Involvement

Equity is determined to make a positive difference in all that we do, and we've realized that while it is a great thing to be successful in business, the world and our communities can benefit from the quality people we work with as well. That's why we've created our own charitable organization: Equity Charities.

Saying Thank You

At Equity, we are so appreciative of our agents that we have innovated in another very important area: thanks-giving. While we love the Holiday, we're actually referring to our Gratitude Program. Through this innovative program we truly show you our appreciation for your contributions.

Elevate III

Every business has a set of tools necessary to their success. Elevate is the central hub Equity provides for just that. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Equity is working hard to make sure that you are never wanting for tools and resources. We spare no expense when it comes to providing the best utilities. That's how come we can honestly claim that our technology is innovative and only available here at Equity.

Within Elevate you can find these awesome resources:

  • Digital Signatures & Document Storage/Access
  • Easily Invite Client, Escrow, Title, etc. to the Loop
  • Approved National, State, and Brokerage Transaction Forms
  • Policies and Procedures
  • HUD Bidding
  • Client Newsletters - Editable for you to send to your clients
  • Invaluable for everyone, new to veteran
  • Course for new Realtors
  • C.E. courses and Free in-office, semi-monthly C.W. classes
  • 24/7 access to strategically developed training courses
  • FREE Equity-Branded Personalized Website
  • IDX/MLS Integration Capable
  • Professionally designed and maintained by Equity and powered by ProAgent Websites
  • Unlimited Listings!
Manage all profile from texts, calls, and websites via your ProAgent Website
PowerPoint Slideshow - Professional and Customizable
One of the best in the nation. We're talking no greater than a 24-hour turn-around.
Manage all leads from texts, calls, and websites via your ProAgent Website

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