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What's all this buzz about Equity?

W hen a person encounters something they can get excited about, they share that with their friends and family. If what they are excited about is really amazing, they become raving fans. That's what's happened with EQUITY REAL ESTATE®; our team, our family, we are excited about the way that the Equity Way has changed lives for the better, increased our Agents' income levels, and improved lifestyles across the nation. Excitement stems from an initial disbelief. When Real Estate Agents are first presented with the opportunity to experience the Equity Way, they are often cautiously optimistic or just don't believe that a company like ours can exist. Then, they join Equity and live the truth. With eyes wide opened, those agents who were skeptacle become promoters. We are for real and the number of people we have participating in our uniquely lucrative Profit Share program is a fine testament to this fact. So, what's the buzz about? The Equity Way is amazing! It's awesome! It's unbelievably a reality that you have to experience to understand.

At Equity, we are proud of what we have accomplished and are excited to contribute to the growth, improvement, and success of the Real Estate industry across the Nation.

Rebekah G.

Equity is Awesome!!! Love being an Equity Agent. They make everything so simple and streamlined. They are always available to answer questions or help in any way.

Sandra S.

I am perplexed why all Realtors don't join Equity. If you want to be supported in being a successful Realtor and take home your hard earned commissions, join Equity! If you want a hands-on Qualifying Broker that will take the time to discuss the issue that you need to resolve, join Equity! If you want to feel appreciated and valued, join Equity! I am so grateful I found this company. Thank you Equity for all that you do!

Carolyn H.

I'm so glad I found a brokerage with free tech offerings, low fees, and tons of support. I love learning and growing with Equity!

Diana B

Previously, I worked in another well-known Real Estate company. I think Equity truly has the support and best intentions towards agents enrolled in Equity! Glad I made the change.

Laura W.

Equity is a great brokerage to work for; they save me thousands every year in brokerage fees.

Chantelle R.

Equity provides all the tools needed to be successful in this business. The convenience and affordability is just another plus that makes Equity so great!

Robby G.

I am so proud to be an Equity Agent! Equity is cutting-edge and the future of Real Estate.

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